What is a Press Kit?

A game press kit is a set of materials that a video game developer sends to journalists in order to promote their upcoming games. A good press kit will include everything from bios and screenshots of the developers, copies of the game's marketing material, and information on how to get early access or review the title.

To create a game press kit, you'll need to gather all the materials that will be used in the press release. This includes the game's story, setting, characters, and screenshots. You'll also want to include any other information that will help journalists get a better understanding of the game. This can include development logs and character sheets.

Why create a Press Kit?

There are many benefits to creating a game press kit:

Creating a game press kit is an important step in the promotion of your video game. It will help journalists to better understand your game, and it will make it easier for you to market your game.

A screenshot of Not It: Spookiest Edition's Press Kit on Get The Games
A screenshot of Not It: Spookiest Edition's Press Kit on Get The Games

Why use Get The Games?

Currently, most developers either create PDFs, use self-hosted press kit services, or build a press kit website from scratch.

PDFs are harder to maintain and less interactive. They also require you to have experience with designing documents which takes time.

Self-hosted press kit services require you to pay for hosting services. Many self-hosted solutions also require you to understand some level of programming to successfully deploy them.

Building press kit websites from scratch allows you to completely control the appearance of the kit but it requires you to know how to develop/design websites and it can be time consuming.

With Get The Games, we take care of the hard parts for you. Simply answer some questions, tell us about your game, and upload your assets and we'll take care of presenting them in an easy to use (and maintain) format for free.

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