Why Create a Blog for your Game?

A game development blog can serve as a valuable resource for anyone interested in video gaming. By reading and following the work of developers, players will be able to gain an understanding of how their favorite games are made, what challenges they face, and the solutions they find. Additionally, by providing feedback on your own projects or articles, you can help other developers learn from your experiences and make improvements for future endeavors.

A blog about your game's development is important for a variety of reasons:

A successful game development blog writer must have a good understanding of their audience. They should know what interests them and what they want to learn. They should also be able to write in an engaging and straightforward way, without bogging down the reader with jargon or technical terminology.

Over time, a blog about your game can provide you with access to a large audience, helping to promote your work and potentially attract new players.

Why use Get The Games for your Blog?

Currently, most developers use platform-specific distribution platforms for their blogs or they use a self-hosted solution.

Platform-specific distribution platform blogs have some advantages however it becomes more cumbersome when you have games across multiple platforms. Players who use one platform likely won't go to another platform to read about your game which means you may end up needing to duplicate posts across every platform.

Self-hosted solutions give you more control over your content however they come with extra maintenance. Some of the most popular self-hosted blog solutions require constant updates in order to keep your site secure.

Get The Games' Game Logs are an easy, low-maintenance, free way for you to post blog content about your games throughout development and after release. Using our simple editor, you can quickly publish articles about your game in a centralized location.

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