Why does Cross-Platform Discoverability Matter?

When you create a game that is available on multiple platforms you're constantly forced into making a choice - which platform do you promote with your ads, tweets, etc?

Unfortunately, if you share a link to one platform it's unlikely that people will realize it's also available on others. This is because many platforms prohibit you from including links or references to other platforms on their store pages.

But what if your game is available on the platform that they're looking for? That's a missed opportunity for you to connect with a potential future fan.

A screenshot of Not It: Spookiest Edition's Press Kit on Get The Games
A screenshot of Not It: Spookiest Edition's Game Page on Get The Games

Why use Get The Games?

Unlike other platforms, we aren't focused on driving sales for a particular service or device. This allows us to focus on connecting players to games they'll love on their platforms of choice. When you tweet out your Get The Games link, players will be able to easily see whether your game is available on their platform.

While you could potentially create your own dedicated website for your games, that website would not be searchable, you would have to pay for hosting it, and you'd have to worry about time-consuming maintenance/etc.

Get The Games gives you your own low-maintenance page for promoting your game across every platform which you can share to capture players across every operating system, platform, or device that your game is available on.

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