Get The Games connects players with their new favorite studios and games across all platforms.


Studio Pages

Tell players about your studio.

Game Pages

Tell players about your game.

Game Logs

Share news about your game.

Cross-platform Discoverability

Tell players your supported platforms.

Advanced Game Search

Enable players to discover your game.

Content Warning System

Inform players about the type of content your game contains.


Get analytics about your game's traffic.

Press Kits

Easily create comprehensive press kits for your games.

Player Notifications


Automatically alert potential players about your new releases.

Pricing Sync


Automatically sync prices from all supported platforms to your Game page.

Custom Styling


Apply custom styling to your Studio and Game pages.

Creator Search


Allow players to find your game through your team's past achievements.

Some planned features may require a monthly subscription.

What we're building

We are building a service to help players find developers that are making games that they'll love. We hope to achieve that goal by enabling developers to add their games to our service regardless of how they are being distributed. This makes us stand out from other gaming platforms which are focused on driving sales for their particular platforms. When players search our site for new games, they can limit their search to their distribution platforms of choice.

While we're in Early Access, only approved developers are able to add their studios and games to our service. However, once Early Access is over any developer will be able to add content for free. Want to join our Early Access? Follow us on Twitter to get updates as we give more developers access.

Why we're building it

While making our own games, we noticed that there wasn't an easy way for developers like us to direct players to all the platforms that their games were available on in a single tweet. Unfortunately, that often forces developers to focus on a single platform at a time even though their games are available across multiple platforms. If a player sees a tweet or ad with a link to a game on Steam they may not realize it's also available on their platform of choice. Since we (and many developers like us) rely on social media & ads in order to promote our games and grow our player-base we started to think about how we could solve this issue. While we could have created our own website we knew that we'd then have one more thing to pay for, maintain, and drive traffic to.

That's what inspired us to create Get The Games - we provide developers like us with a simple, free, easy-to-manage, and discoverable solution to promote their games across 8 storefronts (and growing)!